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Storm Season hits!

posted Nov 19, 2013, 2:44 AM by Web Master
As we have well and truly hit storm season, wanted to remind all about how we go about deciding to cancel swimming club and notify members. We have to make a call by 2pm as to whether to order sushi or not (hard call). If we decide to cancel at this pt we notify the school so an announcement can be made to the children. We will also post a message on website (www.stitasdolphins.net) and will send out a group email. If we decide to go ahead at this stage, we keep a close eye on radars, weather warnings etc and cancel if there is heavy rain or lightening. Whenever we cancel we will send out group email and post it on the website. If we have already ordered sushi, we are unable to give it back so willl have it for sale in Merici Place for those of you who have not planned dinner!
Hopefully no storms this week!!
The BBQ roster is also available on the website. We ask if you are unable to come when you have nominated you try to ask a friend to replace you. If you are unable please let us know ASAP so we can find someone else.