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BBQ Assistance Required

posted Oct 28, 2012, 5:42 PM by Web Master
From Kate Dart - BBQ Co-ordinator

Hello Dolphins Members

We've had a great start to the new swim season - heaps of new members and some great swims already.

Our BBQ has never been busier and is a crucial fund raising mechanism for the club. We are very grateful to the families that have already helped out and to the one's who have volunteered to help out during the season.

What has become apparent though is that in order to keep the BBQ rocking, we are going to need one more family to help out per week. The BBQ assistance role is a job that needs at least 4 people - one capable cook and three preparers.

Our BBQ co-ordinator will provide all the stuff that is needed and will have the BBQ set-up ready to go. All the helpers have to do is cook and prepare the food and clean-up afterwards. There will be list of instructions which are easy to follow to help you out on the night.

Volunteer help is the backbone of our club and is a registration requirement.  Please find here the BBQ Roster of families who have volunteered for the upcoming season.   Please email us if you are able to assist on any of the nights listed below.

Thanks again for your help.