Swim Club History

The following is an overview of how St Ita's Dolphins came about, written by Simone Skerrett.

Back in 1997/8 there were discussions and a meeting one night in the hall about starting up the swim club. Matt Wilson was there and offered his services, but no-one would voluteer to take on the job (no show of hands). I thought it was such a shame we had this lovely pool and it just wasn't used. The year one's didn't even join in the annual swimming carnival.
The following year 1998 Karen Bacon started as Principal and included the year ones in the carnival. She was very supportive and so I decided that I could just do a smaller version of a swim club, along with the help of John Taylor and Rhyl McCoy.
The main reason I wanted to have the swim club was I knew there were kids that could swim and swim well. Bianca in year 1 could do all 4 strokes really well and would get 1st in all races up till year 5. So the potential of other kids swimming well was greater.  Mr Gibson, the sports co ordinater had to send a group of kids to the Zones each year and it was dismal - I think we came last, as some of the kids had not even swam 50 meters before. 
After the swim club was underway and we had had a full season and actually had competed with other swim clubs like Junction Park,  and West End we got 5th in the Zones. The next year and after that we always got a first place, whether it was overall or aggrigate. I got a personal thankyou from Mr Gibson as the swim club had made such a difference. We have even had kids get to the regionals, and on to the state championships. That makes you realise the impact it had to the kids and the school.
As we started to compete with other clubs, I noticed that they all had school swim togs. So I asked Karen Bacon if we could get school togs in school colours with St Ita's on them. She thought it was a great idea, so I went in search of a supplier, who gave me pages of styles and designs and colours. I chose something suitable for the girls and boys and had a sample pairs made up. We show cased them in a fashion parade either at a mother day morning tea or some other occasion and they were very welcomed. I had a girls racing suit,and a catsuit with sleeves and the boys had speedo's and the needed sun shirt. I still have the original sun shirt I had made to fit Bianca, as I used my girls as models. Hayley had the catsuit. 
The swim club just grew and grew. I just go out on a Monday and buy the bread, sausages, poppers, then set up  the place, and I would be the last to leave of a night carefully winding in the old rope lane ropes. Then go home and count the money and manually do the points for the kids on their individual cards. Very time consuming.
But I think it was all worth it.