Committee Roles

The job to have when you don’t want a job!!!
The role involves overseeing all other positions and assisting in any of them. Helping with questions and having answers that work for all.
I’ve found that the committee pretty well runs its self, as we’re not a big organization, its just little things that need attention.
Being able to approach anyone and ask for help/volunteers is a big advantage.
The fun part is being there for the kids… their enthusiasm is contagious!


This is a very straightforward job that requires recording of all money in and out for Swim Club. At swim club night, money comes in on BBQ and membership, out on food expenses and occasional sundries. The money needs to be counted, book balanced and money stored. Intermittently there are deposits made to the P&F bank account. This simply involves leaving money at school office and contacting P&F treasurer with quick email to let her know money is there to be deposited. 
A love of numbers is useful but not essential, failing this a calculator will suffice!
This role looks after the Swim Club times and the computer application we have to record them. As registrations are received they are entered into the system and the fees paid recorded from the Registration form. A Fees Owing Report is run for the Treasurer. The email addresses are then extracted and added to the Google Email Group so all parents are on the mailing list. Familes not returning each year are also removed from the list so they do not receive all the next year's emails.
In addition each week, we need to find 6 Parent timers and 12 on Champ Nights and equip with working stop watches. When racing is underway the Timing Organiser needs to record the actual times raced on the run sheets and pass them to the Timing Guru's at the desk. At the end of the night (or over the week end), the times are audited in the system against the hard copies and any queries dealt with. Points are then calculated by the system and the highest point scorers are recorded and given to the President, who awards the Freddos! Club records are manually checked and recorded in the book and the system The times are then extracted and uploaded onto this Website for all to see by Swimmer number.
The Website is maintained as required. Any emails sent by the Committee are placed in Announcements. The BBQ Roster is entered from the list from the BBQ Co-ordinator. In the Calendar each parent rostered onto the BBQ is invited to the BBQ event via an email. They then receive a reminder 1 day prior to the day they are rostered on. At the beginning of each year the times upload program is amended to show the next season results.